2011 (January-April)

distorted reality
swept under carpet
they were unable to straighten it up
moved some furniture closer

a cheap couch imprints
motionless traces of silence
empty spaces encore
creaking window frames

at edge of table all resentments pushed away
were supposed to even up, not put on weight

few solitude glasses are clinking
cling to hands
their forced toast
burns like dynamite
holes in walls

impregnated on compromise
sit with back to whole world
constantly rocking
on wobbly chairs (10th January 2011)

in living space of morals
with gliding
dust ball in it

with stained threads of impotence
pulling back to a shallow day’s structure

with pale-blue fear on lips
in ambitious waiting for
generational pay back of sins

there emerges a moment that pours into
like a thick, sticky sauce
allows people to lick suffering from their hearts
switches off painful ‘yesterday’ (13th January 2011)

sharp memories furrow floor
leaving on surface of absolved days
wooden wounds

wax them
shine them
still inflame

soft carpet of silence
squints eyes
we decipher through better profile of wounds
stylish way beaten to eternity paths

lie down on the floor
with shadow thick like a fur coat
shining with grey goo of shame
oozing from nowhere (03rd February 2011)

first time i turned off tap of hope
when wanted to leave me
someone came back and fumble in it
broke down
being in state of sacred outrage
could not stop worrying about it

then from appropriate words
started cutting out paper flowers
planted in pots have been screaming
filling in gaps between windows and hearts

tv set transmitted your figure
i adjusted focus
with short-sighted fear
my favorite series
dissolve in a mist of solitude

and again maunder thru your life
like a flame of candle
sort of romantic
however causing dizziness
push me out the door
as not to choke beautiful sensation
i bite my tongue to blood
sad lolly of requests is not satisfied

hidden in drawers benefits
savings on hangers
heap of clandestine smiles to be ironed
majesty of ordinariness has won

let’s meet in the morning at the airport
comfort with sensual cooling down coffees
while putting hands on paper cap
departures notice board
resembles thousand intimate secrets to sell
with eyes fixed on you
fly away (07th February 2011)

from everlasting
was accompanied by tasting
drown spoons in range of different tastes
favorite of them could be licked off

lips red strawberries
spurt with bloody geyser of sweetness
satisfy their appetites
comminute on small pleasures
try to keep on their lips
decagrams of bliss

with a wet tongue
moisten traces were wearying away
no way of holding them back

drowning in shower of breaths
bounce from one corner of lips to another
sticky mouths
spread wings
ready to fly away (06th April 2011)

a smell of fatigue
rubs into body
etches into it

nervous moves became slower
like a pulse of the city
disclosed by
too narrow minds and feet
swollen from weariness

accidental touch on a tram
causes embarrassment
at the same time
it deflates air of imperfection

if by accident we take off
where should not have been
for adulthood spins in a dress
tailored for the ability of making decisions

one shrug of shoulders
set us free (08th April 2011)

a cooled down duvet covers
unfinished mugs after evening tea
starts to rustle with smudgy word

sneaky placed forehead
against the mirror
reflects unexplained mystery
builds fortress from smeared toothpaste
pins to the ground
fake reflection of self-admiration

morning tea we enrich by a sigh

pack in hurry sandwiches
into handbags that one has crept in with indifference

at the table we do not think how it would be
not seeing each other faces whole day
resigning from fresh bread of affection
take few sips of false happiness
for good bye (10th April 2011)

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