April 2012 (6)

27 April 2012 at 0:01 (Poems/Poetry)

udawał na peryferiach świadomości
że telefony tracą zasięg
zastrzegł numer
dalsze kłamstwa wysypywały się
śmietnikowymi poduszkami
oczom brakowało łez
gdy na ulice spadały argumenty
owinięte tekturowym
brakiem wyrzutów sumienia (25 kwietnia 2012)

w kokonie dorastania
urojenia pozwalają wierzyć
jakie będzie życie
manipulacja umysłem
przykleja na szyby koronki
wiszą ciężkie od niedokończonych zwierzeń
portret uchylonych okien
żeby droga ucieczki pojaśniała rumieńcami

malowane na ciele fakty
zalegają kurzem
do uległości przyzwyczajeni
nienaoliwionym dotykiem
zapinamy żałobne stroje
spojrzenie w oczy straconym nadziejom
knebluje takie jest życie
podartymi szmatami (25 kwietnia 2012)


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April 2012 (5)

26 April 2012 at 22:34 (Poems/Poetry)

practice throwing plates
after losing temper
your wall persevere

bitter word
hits hard enough
to hide behind faint smile
a real condition
cravings swallow your silence
food is refined
why name calling cannot be
so easy to digest
seems healthier
subsistence in sugar layer of ignorance
accurately folded in napkins

for a dessert
hard candy with a surprise centre
suits fine my stomach ache (24th April 2012)

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April 2012 (4)

26 April 2012 at 22:33 (Poems/Poetry)

night human shaped
bombards horizon
first leaving dark purple scars
that vanish in inner pocket
of universe mackintosh
then switches off lamps
attempting to poke darkness
almost feeling its thickness

in adult game kind of way
steals light-heartedness from kids
we toss true wish in a well-shaped milky way
and hang over moon’s horn
lines written in diary
that meant to stay unread
it is not dawn
that wakes passion for existence
dread rescues our lives
until we decide not to dread

be a part of something bigger
than child’s play
brings balance to shaky shadows
resembling a handful of stars
thrown up in the air (22nd April 2012)

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April 2012 (3)

18 April 2012 at 19:11 (Poems/Poetry)

wanted to explain the reason
why nobody picks scattered dreams
expectation is replaced by cry
endurance by mourning
but words are not there
sincerely given hand
with tacky tokens
suspends unwanted
folds miniature obstinacy murderers
until they suffocate inside

to take one more step towards others
ends collapsing on cramped chair of needs
butts horde on the arm bring up memories
as messy as sticky strips of saliva
behind snails on the side walk
should have been cleaned up immediately
we all should more (14th April 2012)

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April 2012 (2)

7 April 2012 at 20:37 (Poems/Poetry)

awkward with each other
repudiate previous contacts
Lord, if you are there
stir choked intentions
let them have a breathing space
your voice red paint
on chopped lips
amplifiers installed inside ears
are not worth constant adjustment
leave fear behind fingernails instead

resolve our issues
by connecting to freshly baked bread
and head on a beer
since whole world is enemy
we got trapped in a fire escape
of own famished delusions
stretching in front of
tired faces (03rd April 2012)

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April 2012 (1)

7 April 2012 at 20:36 (Poems/Poetry)

aluminium tears
carried in trolley
ashamed of touching
shopping shelves
existence in hunger
all heads down
naïve waiting
unable to guess
what its curse is
dust of thoughts grows
with newcomers
widened pupils
fill in with subdued steps
moving meaninglessly forward

talking to strangers behind
sprays the air with their moods
all keep longing to fly out
on a verge of life
carried credit cards
like shining tickets
into brighter nowness
resolve less

about to knock over
candy jars put up for sale
sweet disposition
metal taste of solitude
crammed in boxes
full of incidents ready to prattle (01st April 2012)

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