2010 (February-June)

on the other side of street
coupons of hope were given away as a try-out

we even unleashed
crippled thoughts
went to console their nerves in a drive-in bar
coupons wasted

now we hide from
consequence of future time
let’s take our souls to people with different faces
to world of a drunk nature
will look like
an overall tragic element
fades away (14th Feb 2010)

unfinished conversations
wait for appropriate people
in the meantime talk about us

we lose this time
in empty mugs after bitter coffee
too big infinity of persistent efforts
sprinkled over with sugar

so many words gathered

frail efforts stammer
over heads dialogues
lie down lovely
in long, tight processions
unused (15th Feb 2010)

railway tracks like steel noodles
dash through twilight of habits
fall down into failure well

dreams – compartments
allot places
leaving sluggish passengers
with question ‘can I sit here’?

from darkness
reached out voice of miserable rhapsody
puts together luggage
and vague dozing off
in a state of readiness

travelers would like to earn an empty seat
wipe off details
cover up with grey scarf
suffocate with it (15th March 2010)

intoxicating smell of jasmine
encroached upon domestic scene

hanged exhibits crumble like a plaster
desperately try to find in tenants
confirmation of own words

old wallpapers abdicated this afternoon
wanted to come out of themselves
notice people again

sigh from bedside lamp asks for forgiveness
which we cannot give
yet coming back home
encounter same chillness of bare walls
which learnt to run away from (19th Mar 2010)

we show poorest performance
in helping others
it is extremely hard to offer hand
if there is nothing to take back
in general opinion we act
(what to do about it?)
erase own personality
adopt imposed sentences
create new gender
no other way to be done (22nd March 2010)

i was sitting in a meditation hall
terribly disappointed
heart wide open
awaiting finality

did not come

i have expected a cleanser
for coarse persistence
to cool down irritation
in shadow of pale emotions
instead empty plate tasting

days to come
stretched enough
to shorten path towards truth (03rd April 2010)

need each other
but instantly get bored afterwards
wake up in purr of rapacious courage
that has decided about imperfection

greediness blows up slowly
handles with candy floss of accomplished harms
inhumanly well

soppy incidents on newsreel
a national indifference
simultaneously realize
how far away is from being perfect
and closer to being just your own self (24th April 2010)

apparent silence – repeating scheme
messing around nooks and crannies of acrimony

exhausting crime
black color hypocrite
world with wizened face

pleading player during
stations of the cross
drags along candidates that came off
standing next to each station
they had one name
one confessor
one word to denounce

faith in oneself failed here (25th April 2010)

weight kilograms of uncertainty
is like defining life
to unburden oneself

accidently filled time
by running away feeling of terror
is a nonsense but also need

mute irritation wrings hands
stands behind me in a hurry
hangs on
that discomfort lasts (30th April 2010)

worries drip with raindrops
from inside of broken tap
wake up in stream of own distress

rusty senses get strangled
in a sewage
primitive simplicity got them

something is leaking
aiming towards
voice whispering with indulgent irony

we get soaked
from unknown tears (11th May 2010)

laconic consent for solitude
rescues patch of night
in a singular format

hunted in mutual silence
grow mouldy from lying in same position

we toddle around self-restraint
observing own indifference

shut down longing crawls towards us
each in separate corner of a room
looking at same spot
NOT COMMON any longer (13th May 2010)

dirty thoughts
pinned with buckle of existence
are powdered by time
used to like being cuddled
in simple sequences
between breaks for argument

what faith gives them
got lost inside own selves
will expel
like unwelcomed neighbor

another glass of sugar to lend
too much (06th June 2010)

Sir, caught you up!
in apnoea of words
faded shyness
too short cardigan

you have released a scent tempting crowds
by material shopping bag

please, don’t turn back
i could have smashed on pavement
sensuous pink would gag mouth
pin me down
we have no bad intentions
only admire (08th Jun 2010)

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