Biographical note/Contact

Julia Ciesielska was born in 1979 in Naklo n/Notecia, Poland. Since 2006, she lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where she works as a Translator and a Business Support in Recruitment organization known for Oil & Gas world wide. She has studied English Literature at Master degree level and made certificate in Practice Personnel/HR at Queens University, Belfast.

Julia’s interests, echoed in her poetry, include the feminist revision of life or naturalistic perception of daily routines. After attending workshops of creative writing, organized by Lyric Theatre in Belfast, she also got interest in writing plays. Inspired by pieces of Martin Lynch she is working on a project that is presenting with the eyes of polish minorities their observations of living abroad.  Email:


Shalom Anthology (Crescent Writing Group in Belfast) published in March 2015 – they included two poems Pink Barbed Wire (Homesick) & Soundrack To a Man Handing Keys Back In

Absent Ginsberg Anthology (A Swift Exit) published in August 2016 – they included three poems Speed Dating, Daddy, Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

Original Plus & The Journal, Cumbria, Editor: Sam Smith. Edition #35 (February 2012) – paper print, poems Spring Inventory and Pink Barbed Wire
Original Plus & The Journal, Cumbria, Editor: Sam Smith. Edition #38 (January 2013) – paper print, poems Sir Sober and Equivalent of Lost Position
Original Plus & The Journal, Cumbria, Editor: Sam Smith. Edition #41 (January 2014) – paper print, poems To Buy Back Bruises made and Regime de Luxe
Original Plus & The Journal, Cumbria, Editor: Sam Smith. Edition #44 (January 2015) – paper print, poem Klepto

Outburst Magazine, Ireland, Editor: Arthur. Edition February 2012 – online, poem Responsibility

Soanyway,UK, Editors: Derek Horton and Lisa Stansbie. Issue 15 Over and Out (June 2012) – online, poems Responsibility, Journal Full of Worries, Anonymity, Inner Chandelier, A Dancer, Mental Ghetto and Sir Sober
Soanyway,UK, Editor: Claire Potter. Issue (October 2012) – online, poems Glass Jaw, Twink of Nothing

Blue & Yellow Dog, US, Editor: Raymond Farr. Issue 10 Fall (October 2012) – online, poems Journey Full of Worries, A Dancer, Busy People, Rebel Against Oneself and Equivalent of Lost Position

Street Cake Magazine, US, Editors: Trini Decombe and Nikki Dudley.
Issue 25 (September 2012) – online, poem Glass Jaw
Issue 29 (June 2013) – online, poem It’s me, your Butcher
Issue 37 (September 2014) – online, poem @XVIII Centrury
Issue 43 (October 2015) – online, poem Eucharist Melting in Her Throat

3 am Magazine, US, Editor: Steven J Fowler. Online (January 2013), poems Glass Jaw, Debauchery, Twink of Nothing

Panic Poetry, Brixton (London), UK. Online (June 2013), poems Waiting For a Bus That Never Comes, Tick Tock Go The Craic’s Heels, Pathology Sonnet, Letter To a Boy Next Door, Convicted Wiseguys

Moria Poetry Journal, US, Editors: William Allegrezza. Online, poems Glass Jaw, Debauchery, Twink of Nothing, Reformatory, Shell Any Kind, Wish Named Being Stronger

Big Lit, Galloway, Editor: Chrys Salt. Big Lit Weekend Festival (April 16-19, 2015) and window with posted poems Personality, Colour Collection: Grey & Baby Blue (

A Swift Exit, UK, Editors: Will Vigar & Jim Ladd. Online (June 2015), poems Speed Dating, Daddy

The Merida Review, US, Editor: Cher Bibler. Online (July 2015), poems Colour Collection: Black & Grey, Knock Out Game, Don’t Let Your Fear Become a Profession, Personality, Pushing a Bill Worked Hard Across the Counter 
Online (October 2015), poems Speed Dating, Daddy, Against, P.O. Box, Klepto, Count To Three & Be Awake

Dream Catcher, York, UK, Editor: John Gilham. Issue 32 (January 2016) – paper print, poem Speed Dating

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