2010 (October-December)

muteness stamped
heavy elephant
hidden in drawers of delusion until now

with desire for cause
we roll words like candy floss
treat with sticky realities
truth adheres to outline
stripped from feelings

tied in stubbornness
but wanting to survive
we undress from it (26th October 2011)

draws down everyone eye
sucking hover
history repeats itself
slowed down pace was to
set a course of dried excitements

in amnesia of facts
could buy up all passes for same show
but subconscious intuitively
killed fantasies
that it was our lifetime role (28th October 2010)

repeating in imperative
that looking back depresses
has not taken root in us

enlightenment bulb
burnt in darkness
flickers as to gradually die

with trained knack
we reach for a substitute of brightness
weak flame
bounces back from cold walls

merry-go-round outlines
create space where word ‘together’
should not exist
highest time to end the ritual (07th November 2010)

ripped moments of pleasure
are standing at the corner
of renovated street

swinging from rain of uncertainty
stretched social sack
kneel down slouching

gossamer casts on their heads
a mourning scarf
sprinkled with dust of sorrows

memories’ heat burn fingertips
still their quiet shapes
loom and disappear with no reason (14th November 2010)

telephone jammed somehow
we are soaked from own tears

helplessness smacks
throat gets dry
we eventually choke with the outline
of unspoken requests

pulled out verge of thoughts
exposed to sneering risk
frightened of ignorance
shrinking from it at the same time

suddenly telephone clips
cigar like end of sentence
that was to be crumpled
by the fate of events

heard the worst alternative (24th Nov 2010)

in everyday meetings we lose
charm and beauty of mature speech

palpable forms of directness
poky mittens
woolen eyelets rip our dignity
come undone

we are crowded, complicated, dangerous
sometimes remind a traffic jam
one would want to escape from
unintentionally put to test a stout patience

the best for us is to wave in mittens
through steamy car windows (07th Dec 2010)

when in gentle brushes of joy
we notice something is missing
chronic apologies send pity in space
then suffocate unwanted declarations

brickwork of closeness
hardens from chill
crumbles in hands pieces
that were so hard to build

we fade away
behind a thin line of appearance. (11th December 2010)

sub consciousness landing
descends towards us
gives back lost keys
to forgotten situations
wanders between corridors of memory

perfidious but fair
we check emergency exit

stumbled over stairs of destiny
we fall down
unpredictable and passing by
pursued goal (12th December 2010)

first, there was a bed
compass throbbing with information
where you are

stiffened shoulders
are caressed by inner voice
you observe yourself closely
one could curse donned insinuation
slip off past day body
push it beyond window sill

last close-up on bed
a shot taken on warm imprint of linens
to keep a balance
you fold a cancan of reactions
into creased pillow

you fall asleep with an innocent soul
slowly getting out of practice (27th Dec 2010)

his girls were like expensive cars
low mileage
a lot of roar
that catches people glances
pinches them

he slices everyday life
with a vigorous gesture
they, being unable to fit in sentences
squeal with delight

driving motorway of a time loop
they go into skid
despised destination
like an airbag
bounces his head back from the truth

none of relationships was a reliable car
something did not work
burning out or breaking down

although there are many one-way roads
he lost the orientation
passed by disillusioned
spat with fumes
through grayness of the dusk (30th Dec 2010)

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