March 2015 (3)

8 March 2015 at 13:28 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , , )

he postponed his own funeral
to shag a random girl
hired a double
who rested for an hour or more
tricked everyone
when came back on his place
corpse remained silent
it is true to say
death is for free
yet he paid for it with his own life
what is the point asking him any more questions
black bands mark
guests’ arms with the acknowledgement
of life well – lived
or life lived
they could not tell which one he led (04th March 2015)

girls heels must love
gravel’s talk
its dust
workman is carrying in the skin
in every furrow and crevice
he washes it off after 5 pm
as if it was a shame
that flows away from him
dirt questions its being
always like a grey irregular god
borrows words from the night’s vocabulary
smokes and coughs
cradling fatigue in one hand
and iPhone 6 in the other (03rd March 2015)

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March 2015 (2)

8 March 2015 at 13:26 (Poems/Poetry) (, , )

a person was tailored
with a logic thread
sewn up so precisely
that would not dig in the body –
filled with a slender emptiness
well dressed
he felt has to cover up dignity
for fear of being discovered
not having other values;
alteration to navy blue suit
constantly in order
layers of deception
were practised to perfection (23rd Fberuary 2015)

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March 2015 (1)

1 March 2015 at 1:23 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , )

it is so banal
to wake up windows
with a baby shriek
to leave ajar
back door for a dog
she waters plants with a look
that stretches time
until he has to leave for work
she puts home in her handbag
abundant supply of
baby blue nappies
is her life’s highlight (23rd February 2015)

on the crowded train
the accidental touch of hand
pinpoints his loneliness
and yet
he observes clouds
drifting in a carton of milk
until they turn
in the global fridge
an obvious smell –
white aims at being flawless
until it does not
then becomes a white lie (22nd February 2015)

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