March 2012 (2)

19 March 2012 at 21:38 (Poems/Poetry)

it is me again
stuffed with sensations
remind how it was
not needing
to be on a lost position
despair beams
lay under me
no intention to carry further
a promise not kept
which I suffer from
still hope to be compensated
remember a coffee shop
with bowls marked by half-moons
of whipped cream and lipstick
could have been ours
I have never been stronger
when it comes to leaving
energetic female setting free from
if ask for too much
do not roll your eyes
a kiss on a forehead
will subdue foolishness
I was about to make (19thth March 2012)

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March 2012 (1)

19 March 2012 at 21:37 (Poems/Poetry)

to live bit by bit
endure distress
do not take it personal
habits are produced regularly
cannot change things around
bring butterfly light sleep though
woven from desires magic wrap
covers awoken
yet they believe to dream about
expensive cars
taking kids to school
silly arguments after dinner
booking summer holidays
time walks with boots into their lives
with free hand keeps yawning
impatient (17th March 2012)

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