January 2015 (2)

18 January 2015 at 21:29 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , , )

they come and go
from and to is never clear
I recognize their habits before
they fish for change to make an order:
a regular latte with low fat milk

when sitting in
exchange stories
share common pain
that is always different
I have a need to say
that’s not the right place for confession
leave a drama to theatres –
pleasant begginings and pathetic endings

I watch a man slip his wedding ring
into a pocket
my face is a stampede prevented by
request to add extra cream
I manage to sell a trained smile
every beast deserves respect
especially every polite one
‘please be so kind to call my name when coffe is ready’
after all I’m here to serve them beverage (18th January 2015)

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JANUARY 2015 (1)

18 January 2015 at 19:27 (Miscellaneous/ Drawings)


(own work 16.01.2015)

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