2010 (July-September)

leave behind us
as much as footprints on sand

ocean takes
pressed in cry of concerns
thick algae leaves resemble the film
cut into pieces
without reels

exposed domestic reminiscence
gathered memories
kept on too short strand
are carried along by wind (04th July 2010)

you have inside
chandelier of indifference
hangs down
don’t give a damn about anything
spiting with discourage

red carpets of eyelids
tired and swollen
hold the grudge
not let reluctance to thwart

it is so easy to pretend not to be yourself
not to expose knowledge
at expense of somebody else childishness

go inside and turn it off
takes too much energy (20th Jul 2010)

faded whims drained tears
gave out from throat
fake cough of doubt

fighting inside paranoia
pushed away
accepted once coincidences
as coincidence has done such commotion

shall buttons be fastened
against any provocation
bodies covered with honeycomb of comfort
chair of laziness pushed nearer

scrubby disease
should flash away with dirt from plates
after unfinished dinner
just like that (01st August 2010)

everything in her
came to a sudden static halt

coloured pieces of crystal candy
begged to disappear
inside body
THEY were trampling all over
bowels oozing out on sidewalk
with hot pink, regular pink
no control over any of them

heartbeat so hard it made her tremble
rising, flopping sound of handbag
echoed through faces

amazed how she managed to fight back
left her cool looking
black shadows on the ground
slowly dispersed (02 sierpień 2010)

i can tick the night off
good score
somebody scored me, too

got off carousel
with unstitched scrap of ease
puked passers-by with few questions
but they could not point out
direction for ethical destruction

only wrapping up in own reek left
and varnish on nails
chips off when goggle eyes
in spite of me
juggles with every second to follow (12th Aug 2010)

he really got up
shook off from the past
disappeared at the corner

yesterday helped you
to put aside ladder of freedom
we dabbled in recycled setbacks
with skimpy compromise
would-be sentences have been repaired

unable to release from his scent
as he suddenly appeared at the door
stroking the head
poured into you
eternal intimacy of fulfilment (13th Aug 2010)

problems suddenly knock us down
like annoying, lashing rain

cut in telegrams
accusation and remorse
crumpled by hitherto

mixed in mud rainbow colours
disappear under umbrella of failure
separately lose a sense
whole are able to reprimand silence
for an excess in being quiet or hostility

the way we know how to express our sympathy
express it (24th August 2010)

despair smells with mystery
kneels down in front of domestic altar
trendy phenomenon

be a constant disappointment
tug at stained table linen
towards game of colorings
is a daily guilt acceptance

spirit does not enlighten
crispy morning, egg yolk that was set
or knocking at the door

get bruised with objectivity
and settle like feather
in slow motion but gracefully
does not embody us
in a ripped bedding
missing empty bunk (03rd September 2010)

one day we will cross expiry date
of own potential
cover up traces of clashes
on the verge of fulfillment

played for time freedom
reaches stillness

to dress up two words
‘if’ and ‘whether’ in ordinary timelessness
could subdue many consciences
or save some relationships (08th September 2010)

we sell particles of sensations
ravenous, roll them in hands
checking if were on obligatory reading list

sad that hungry souls jump at throats
hidden behind side walk of events
watch how they keep an eye on
each other
in own thoughts
we eavesdrop from behind subtle curtain
not understanding a gurgle of judgment soup

not long ago we were looking for a leash
that kind hearted fathers used to take out creatures on
creatures do not resemble rag dolls
gutted from fragments of contradictory emotions

was it worth?
walk ourselves out on a live-giving stroll
could be more than waiting
for agony of endless moments (18th September 2010)

certain words rarely take to mouth
do not find consolation in them

rather etched into
hard tree like trembling gullet
create an invisible wall
dividing palpable intimacy
from unwanted effect
of disparaged statements

pledge twisted
wrongly interpreted
eventually used as ammunition for shooting
few glued reflections in elevator
walked pavements and accidental affections

not too much for a paralyze state
overtaking on the sound of something
that wants to come
but barely crawls towards us (25th September 2010)

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