September 2016 (1)

24 September 2016 at 22:13 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , )

predictable nights
a cycle of time
lost and in a second to be
we count on a trivial item
– nail varnish
to stifle a routine
change it into something

the ordinary
at night is amplified
small talk into discussion
hopes into promises
we know we won’t keep

some lampshade slouches in worry
its rough-and-ready character murders
our ego while asleep
in times
when everything insightful
was already said and done
we are left with
a cheap happy ever after
it could be a curse or a favor
it could switch us off completely, too
(14th June – 22nd September 2016)

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February 2015 (1)

15 February 2015 at 14:58 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , , , , )

peep out sometimes
from underneath own lampshade
to take a close up
on a passers-by route to non-being
their screwing up eyes
smear walls with anger
while pigeons
shit greasily on the pavement

shame, they can’t be asked
where they go to
why each evening resembles
a ceasefire
with hope
drying out over and over again
is keeping a good appearance No. 1 thing?

passers-by are not so German in approach
that is to say
hesitate when it comes to giving orders
hands suffocate in non-negotiable salute
ready to follow orders
than take action in own hands
slight shift from submissive
to curious appears at night:
to know if they are alone in bed
send a foot in search
only to find despair by their side

the stream of passers-by walk through us
they’d rather put away
pain-filled tears into a lunchbox
ignore cold blooded politicians
plotting how to introduce
more rates next year
men for the sake of getting a living
forget to live
do you see it
from underneath your own lampshade? (27th January 2015)

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