August 2014 (2)

10 August 2014 at 16:04 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , , )

were you there
when I was born to mother concrete
somersaulted across ugly backyards ?
I don’t remember seeing you
padding around the kitchen in slippers
the toaster full of finger prints
does not remember you either
you were probably gone
so I clung to a feeling
that you might watch me closely

fists tightened white to the bone
exchanged school for curfew
you were probably at work
when my knives collection gradually grew
sharper than anxiety
these demonic weapons
knotched scars on many backs

you were in the same room
when I had to sign a charge sheet
your face shrank to a dry cloth
almost gone into shame
I might just as well ask
who are you to be ashamed of me ? (24th June 2014)

without hello, goodbye, bon voyage
have a wonderful day
because most days you won’t
when a car crashes
everything happily – ever – after
is replaced by just after
the drive in a wailing ambulance too quiet
thoughts turned to pain to come
the asphalt you smacked on
bothered not by your pain
absorbed missed phone calls
hope bothered it
thick slices cut asphalt’s cheeks
in awful error
a police car searched your remnants
scattered them like candy wrappers
littered the accident scene
till dawn street cleaning (28th July 2014)


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