August 2014 (4)

10 August 2014 at 16:20 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , , , )

if Rococo people had access to the internet
facebook would mostly show
alive guillotined heads
reminder permitted to tweet condolences
would watch the French Revolution
televised on News24
in times when atmosphere was so thick
you could halve it with an axe
King Louis should consider maintaining a blog
to warm up his image
social media is beyond a hierarchy of opinion
everyone is intended to review everything
at their own risk
with stars from one to ten
and a box for conspiracy notes
a maid in Versailles was rude to me
Marie Antoinette eats too many biscuits

inevitably, the national channel would announce
a great tyrant is dead –
present a list of ruined lives his reign created
people would wait for a mobile alert
to see who is next to take the crown
for the seat is never empty for long (09th August 2014)


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