December 2012 (3)

16 December 2012 at 19:02 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , , , )

give a small donation
to someone always looking
on the bright side
I see you often standing in the local chip shop
getting the usual order although you could have me
I am hanging about on the outside
with the frozen hope that has not yet turned red
it doesn’t last long
because mother mutters like a prayer
‘what will neighbours think?’

you appeared on TV
accused of killing two boys your own age

I am having trouble calling you a terrorist
my moral compass
cannot ask you out within reason
so ask you out beyond reason –
plenty of scenarios in my head
for me you are a boy
because of whom I cannot see
how a star starts to flicker
and goes out my bedroom window

is this letter going to be attached to you criminal record, too? (16th December 2012)



  1. Toni said,

    I Feel article, “Grudzień/December 2012 (3) Julia’s Blog” was in fact great! I reallycannot agree with you even more! At last looks like I reallyuncovered a internet site worthy of looking through. Thanks, Kathrin

    • ciesielska julia said,

      Kathrin, these observations in some way refer to the conflict/riots between Protestant and Catholics in Belfast (or all NI). Since I live in the city for the last 6 years, this is where my thoughts brought me to. Glad you sympathize with it xxxxx
      ps. where r u from?

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