November 2012 (5)

18 November 2012 at 14:23 (Poems/Poetry) (, , , , )

we made eye contact
a quick pull
like when the wind beats an umbrella
till its insides hang out
my promise to be contrary
ended fixing up on a new victim
shit faced at the wheel
noticing you in that moment

sound of your voice
on a tape recorder
wounds faces and nights to come
what a child you have been
whereas I went on tearing rags to shreds
shaking in a ripped blouse
cute sassy thing passed out
a half – credible story
hurried stripping you down
one less one
a sip of bad milk between the legs
then started to fumble
it didn’t last long
inches of skin
made crime bruise – ingly visible
still knew what to say at newsagents
phoned helpline only in order to hear my voice

could give you one chance to shoot me
miss, and watch how dig flick knife
into your piece of mind
fury spitting out of eyes
stop me not
melee of media
impossible to blunt a carving set (17th November 2012)


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