June 2012 (1)

17 June 2012 at 2:01 (Poems/Poetry)

not exactly once upon a time
conflict duty – desire
smudged make up with sadness
behind glass screen sat one group
joined in insatiable needs
another walked away

devoted like me
had Sunday more than once a week
to crucify doubt
my rightness reached a dangerous line
act of stepping over something invisible
compared to eyelashes flicker
I was still winning

disgusted with unceasing pleas
allowed relic door stay ajar
head turning round caught
how much costs your goodnight
followed by gulp of lull
instantly swallowed

books say
all veins are slashed
by lies of living human beings
yet do not answer
why are so weak
not to cross their minds
with few more ‘how come’ (06th June 2012)


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