May 2012 (6)

20 May 2012 at 21:36 (Poems/Poetry)

her wrinkles
living calumny
mock faces
tight from suffering

faces are stone cold
taken out of freezer
statues with heart beating
have hiding places
to catalogue slippery thoughts
people become helpless without

she has her own way
soon as day turns into breakfast hue
cooled down bile
dissolves like fizzy tablets
her intentions
clenched yaw
swallow bitter taste of glued pride
falling inside body sack

she happens to open
a tender space
presents agitated steps
of lonely women
children cry yearning parents
hearts ripped in half
watching those who cursed
for inhuman decisions
her furrows soak into them
creating 3D picture
similar to american movie (16th May 2012)


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